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For Sale

1955 Crestliner 14' Commodore Speedster

            • All original, no extra holes, no dents,
            • No windshield, lights or horns
            • Aluminum polished with new decals

1959 Mercury Marc 35A electric start

            • 35 hp anniversary white edition completely restored

1973 Cox trailer 1 7/8" ball new tires

            • Excellent new condition

Like New
Price $12,500

Phone Contact:
Roger - 941-266-7027



Wanted: I am looking for the following parts for a 1961 Crestliner Explorer.

1. Original Steering Wheel and associated steering parts.
2. Transom Corners both the left and right side. This is the aluminum piece that ties the upper deck to the transom.
Contact: George at


Wanted: 1963 Crestliner Flying Crest 16
My family's first boat was a 1963 Flying Crest 16: a 16 foot, aluminum, Flat-bottomed, Crestliner.
It was powered with a 1961 Johnson 75hp. I am interested in finding another and restoring it. (Since I am having trouble finding the original.)
Please contact me at:



For Sale: 1957 crestliner 12ft speedster w/trailer exellent condition $3500 o/b linda 651-337-1058


For Sale: 1956 Crestliner 18' hardtop boat
with a 55hp Evinrude outboard motor.


The boat is in very nice condition; the motor also appears to be in nice condition but not original. (I have not tried starting it since I purchased it in 2008, however previous owner said motor ran fine.) Asking price $4,000.00 OBO. For more information call 701.360.3243


1958 Flying Crest 16' Crestliner for Sale - $500

1958 Crestliner Flyingcrest 16' long I started this project as a toy changed focus to motorcycles. I have all of the factory fittings Crome is pitted. A sell at $500 gets the sheet of aluminum for the floor and the what I was told the last factory decals as well as some of the needed wood for the interior. Not a buy and go play boat but if you want a clasic boat that the termites can't eat this is it

I have a legal OK title for this.Also the boat has no leaks or dents hull is in great shape for any age, some how this 54 year old boat has not met with any bad things.I also have the top for it (will need new canvas) Comes with trailer





For Sale - RETIRED MUSEUM READY 12 ft. 1950 Larson fishing boat

1950 Larson boat for sale

1950 Larson boat for sale
FOR SALE- RETIRED MUSEUM READY 12 ft 1950 Larson fishing boat for sale. Wife says I must sell it before I can buy another. REDUCED from 2,000 to 1,200 BUCKS.

Better than new. All new wood, paint and over 150 stainless steel screws, washers, and bolts.

This is truly a classic show boat. REDUCED FROM $2,000.00 TO $1,200.00

Joe Banken
4744 Bald Eagle Ave.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
phone: 651-429-2985