A.O.M.C.I. (Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.)
Minnesota Gopher Chapter Meets in Cloquet


AOMCI is Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Antique Outboards, a mission that was very evident during the recent meet of the local AOMCI Minnesota Gopher Chapter held by member Dan Wyman of Cloquet, MN .

As invited guests, we had the pleasure to meet Dan and his family & see Dan's 1954 Larson Commander Runabout and his son Nick's Crestliner Viking. It was especially nice to meet other dedicated boat and motor people, including Crestliner boat owners, some previously known only through email.

This was a very friendly, interesting and encouraging group. We are now convinced that we should have a vintage motor for our latest restoration, a 12' Jetstreak.

Thanks to Dan & his family & all the members for their great hospitality!!

Pamela & Dennis Matson

To become a member of a local AOMCI chapter, you must be a member of the national chapter of AOMCI first.
For information on joining both National and local chapters of AOMCI, visit their web site at: www.aomci.org

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IMG_1779.JPGMark Tompkins & Dennis Matson
IMG_1777.JPG IMG_1776.JPGDan Wyman and his
1954 Larson Commander Runabout
Nick Wyman and his Crestliner Viking